Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fordham Firsts

 Blog by Caroline Dunn, FCRH '17
As the newly inaugurated freshman class floods campus with contagious excitement and curiosity, I cannot help but remember what it felt like three years ago to be in their positions. 

My years at Fordham have flown by as quickly as my older sister, a Fordham alum, warned. My freshman orientation felt like yesterday. I still wake up and feel as if I could be in my bed in Martyrs’ Court. And every Fordham tradition excites me as much as it did in the fall of 2013.

The first months back at Fordham always vanish without consent. September brings the first football games, homecoming and President’s Ball. In October, we show off our school to our parents and siblings on family weekend. We also rally for the start of the basketball season at Ram Town.

Before you know it Thanksgiving brings midterms and Christmas brings finals.
So as I feed off of the fresh energy of the class of 2020, I’m wary not to allow myself to fall into my usual trap because before I know it, the only Fordham tradition I will have left to look forward to will be graduation (Well and alumni weekend :))

Photos of me as a freshman and living out the first of my favorite fordham traditions (riding the ram, homecoming football game, first snow day)

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