Monday, February 27, 2017

Opportunities in Columbus Circle

Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus is located on the border of the Upper West Side and Hell’s Kitchen, less than a five minute walk away from Lincoln Square and Columbus Circle. Columbus Circle has become a well-known starting point for New York Cities biggest rallies, protests, and marches. Most recently, New York City’s Not My President Rally was hosted between Columbus Circle and 65th Street. The close proximity to Fordham’s campus allowed Fordham students to actively engage in community events. The Not My President’s Day event featured several speakers who expressed their concerns about the government’s actions. This created an exciting opportunity for students who wanted to learn more about the issues that this country will be facing over the course of the next four years. 

Thousands of New Yorkers attended the event, creating a vibrant and vocal group of people moving through the streets adjacent to Lincoln Center’s campus. Students and New Yorkers came together on Monday, February 20th to peacefully demonstrate their strong ties to their community and to their nation. Fordham students are passionate, well-informed, and active in their community. These city-wide events are only available in a city as diverse and beautiful as New York.

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