Monday, November 12, 2012

Everything Is A Learning Experience

            This semester I had the opportunity of interning with the online fashion blog, College Fashionista. It is a site that highlights personal style on college campuses across the country. When I applied for this internship I was interested in a future career in fashion publications and promotions, and this has been such a great opportunity to learn about, not only fashion, but journalism, social media platforms and marketing. Although I have learned that this particular industry is not for me, my experience with College Fashionista has been an entertaining and educational one.
           Without this experience I would not be familiar with the platforms we all use to market ourselves, our ideas and our work, and Fordham allowed me the opportunity to intern with such a great organization and gave me the chance to learn more about myself and my professional preferences. Keep this in mind when applying to colleges, it is important to have experiences, even ones that do not turn out the way you originally imagine, because those are the experiences that teach you the most about yourself, your ambitions, and your true passions.

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