Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FCRH Classes

               As a sophomore who still hasn’t declared her major, I have had much experience with the core curriculum of Fordham College Rose Hill.  Although the required classes may seem excessive, the core is actually a great way to expand your horizons.  You are required to take certain types of classes in different departments, but there is decent amount of leeway so you can take classes that interest you.
                Generally, students in FCRH are required to take classes in theology, philosophy, natural sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, history, foreign language, fine arts, English, and mathematics.  Most of these classes are taken during a student’s freshman or sophomore year, with only a few junior- and senior-specific courses taken as an upperclassman.
                Certain classes, particularly those intended for freshmen, are specifically required.  These include a theology course called Faith & Critical Reason, Philosophy of Human Nature, Philosophical Ethics, and Composition II, and they are taught somewhat differently and contain unique focuses depending on the professor.  For all other core classes, students have the ability to choose the particular class (which fits the requirement) that interests them most! 
                By taking classes with many different departments, students are able to explore their options and expand the depth of their knowledge.  For students unsure of what major they plan to pursue, core classes may enlighten them and show them what interests them.  For students who already know what they want to study, these requirements will broaden their knowledge and may even instruct them on a new area that they may want to consider as a major or minor!  No matter which classes you choose, the education you will receive in FCRH is sure to be enlightening and worthwhile!

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