Saturday, December 1, 2012

Field trips at Fordham

You might think that once you get to college, class field trips will be a thing of the past. During the past three years I have spent at Fordham, however, I have been on many different field trips. This is probably because the city is easily accessible from Fordham's Rose Hill campus, and it has so much to offer Fordham's professors and students, who are eager to take the experience of learning above and beyond the walls of the classroom. A few examples of the trips I have taken thus far are: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), the Guggenheim, the Cloisters Museum (for different art history classes) and the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center (four times, for different music history classes).

When my class attended the Metropolitan Opera, we only had to pay $10 for our tickets!
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The Cloisters Museum is my favorite museum in the city because it is so beautiful.
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I went on my favorite Fordham field trip this past semester, with my creative writing class, which is called "Experimental Ink." The purpose of the class is to explore alternative methods, styles, and forms of writing. To learn more about how to construct different types of books, we traveled to the New York Center for Book Arts to hear printmaker and book artist Kumi Korf talk about her work.

This architecturally interesting "book" is one of my favorite pieces by Kumi Korf.
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We toured the Center itself -- it was really fascinating to see the huge printing presses, the hundreds of trays of movable type, and the rows of tall drying racks. Kumi also taught us how to sew together our own books, using rice paper and silk thread. It was an incredible experience, and one that could only be had at a school like Fordham.

The print shop at the Center for Book Arts.
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