Sunday, December 23, 2012

Semester in Review!

            The semester is officially done. All the finals have been taken. Grades are staring to come in. Students are starting to head home. Everything on the Lincoln Center campus is quiet as we recuperate before the new semester starts in January.
            I thought I would take this moment to do one of those popular end of the year thing, but really just an end of the semester review to reflect on the fall semester of my junior year here at Fordham College at Lincoln Center.
         Starting with the fact that I once again got to live literally a block from Lincoln Center. I may be biased but I think it is one of the most gorgeous places in the city – and it’s hone.
       But when Manhattan was no good I could escape to Williamsburg. Which has lots of rumors about how hipstery it is, but is actually gorgeous and quaint and quiet and a great place to go when you need some good thrift store clothes, an escape from the city and a gorgeous view of Manhattan.

            This semester my friend Ian and I got to meet Grace Coddington. The creative director of Vogue. Vogue is kind of a big deal, you know? And after staring at Grace in the Balenciaga store for a solid 15 minutes and taking a multitude of stalker shots we worked up to courage to go talk to her. And she was so sweet. She signed a copy of Vogue and told listened to us blabber on about our huge geeky fandom for her and didn’t even call security.

             As if that wasn’t enough Ian and I also met Lena Dunham. You know the writer/director/producer/creator/star/perfecthumanbeing from HBO’s show Girls? Yeah, met her. Got a picture with her (which we failed to do with Grace Coddington) and once again rambled on about our obsessive fandom. I still can’t really believe that this semester I got to meet two of my biggest inspirations in life.
            Speaking of Lena Dunham – as Ian and I met her we delivered her a letter, a letter begging her to do an interview for The Observer, the Lincoln Center newspaper (which I have written about before), and while we have yet to hear back from her we still have hope – she’s a super busy lady, right?
            Speaking of The Observer, this semester I got to travel to Chicago for the AssociatedCollegiate Press and College Media Advisers conference. I got to spend three days attending seminars about different aspects of college journalism and newspaper design. It was inspiring and challenging and wonderful. And to top it off I got to attend two seminars taught by Tim Harrower, you may not know who he is, but he’s kind of a big deal in the journalism world.
            There are a ton of other experiences I had this semester that made it one of my best yet. Including but not limited to: spending too much time at the Fordham-Friendly diner across the street from the dorms, buying and quickly killing a Chia Pet and utilizing the Residence Hall Association’s discounted movie passes for some really good films.
            All of this would not have been possible if I did not go to school in New York City and more specifically if I didn’t go to school at Fordham. Every time I have an amazing semester like this one I know I made the perfect choice for me when coming to Fordham.
            Enjoy your holidays and see you next semester! 

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