Thursday, November 21, 2013

Classes at LC

As a Fordham student, you have the opportunity to take classes at either the Rose Hill Campus or the Lincoln Center (LC) campus. This semester, I finally took this opportunity and enrolled for a Lincoln Center course. I love the Rose Hill campus, but am happy to have the excuse to go into the city once a week-and on a weekday, too! I've been able to get dinner in the city before class, and also had time to explore the Lincoln Center campus. I have found that I love Red Mango (a frozen yogurt place located in the cafeteria at Lincoln Center), and have spent time before class sitting in the quad outside the Lowenstein building (the main academic building at the Lincoln Center which houses Quinn Library, the bookstore, classrooms, student lounges, and the cafeteria). Sitting on the quad is a great place to sit and relax, but you still get the city feel with all the skyscrapers in the background!

I would definitely recommend that every Fordham student take a class at the campus they do not attend. I've met new students and had the chance to explore a different part of Fordham. And travelling to the campus is easy: the Ram Van, Fordham's inter-campus transportation system makes it simple. Vans leave every half an hour from each campus, and the trip is free for students going to class. I would definitely consider taking another class at Lincoln Center!

A picture of the quad at Lincoln Center (There's usually more students around, but it's cold today!) The closer building on the right is a newly constructed building opening for the Fall 2014 semester: Find about the exciting changes going on at LC at Fordham's website: 

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