Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Update

Sara Power

One of the best things about Fordham is that if you're having a lazy weekend, like I did, there is so much to appreciate around you. I honestly did not feel much like getting out after a week of hard work, but the little things like waiting in line for one of the caf's amazing weekend omelettes and seeing Keating hit with the perfect rays of a setting sun, did more than enough to brighten the mood. Fordham has a lot of great and impressive things to offer, but it is in the quiet moments that you most appreciate Fordham for its simple wonder.

Beautiful view of Keating Hall

Nicole Pieri

On Friday evening, my friends and I went to a free event on the rooftop garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side. We had an incredible view of Central Park, and we even got to see the sunset behind the skyline! On Saturday we went out to brunch for my friend's 21st birthday. The restaurant was located right by the Hudson River, so we enjoyed a delicious meal with a lovely view.

There are so many opportunities to see the NYC skyline!

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