Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Update

Cerisse Gabion
On Friday after all of my classes were done, I headed into the city to shop around for dresses for the Under the Tent dance, one of the main events of Spring Weekend that is coming up. After browsing around Chelsea, the Flatiron District, and Union Square for a bit, I finally found a jumpsuit that I thought suited the "Illusionists" theme of the dance, for a great price as well! Saturday was also a beautiful day, which I spent half of in the library preparing for finals and the other half enjoying Chipotle on our beautiful Eddie's Parade. I then concluded my weekend by performing in a voice recital in the University Church. As a music minor, I receive credit for my voice lessons and I finally got to experience a culmination of a semester's long work of these musical pieces from my colleagues.
The Flatiron Building

Deirdre Hynes
This weekend a few of my friends from Fordham and I decided to have an adventurous Sunday afternoon by trying an aerial yoga class (for only $10!). We had no idea what to expect going into it, but we all wound up leaving refreshed & excited about going back for another class!
Hanging around in aerial yoga

Cat Gallagher
This weekend was a big one for the Rose Hill theatre community! I went to see Fordham Experimental Theatre's Sketch Comedy and Standup joint show. They completely packed the Black Box, and it was a great show! I also went to see the Mimes and Mummers' production of Inherit the Wind. This show is based on the 1925 Scopes trial about freedom of thought and evolution in schools. This show was also wonderful, and I really enjoyed it!
Inherit the Wind's show poster

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