Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Wonders of Gabelli for Non-Gabelli Students

The Fall semester of 2016 saw the opening of a new building at Lincoln Center. The newly renovated and beautifully designed “140 Building” houses all new offices for Student Affairs, the Quinn Library, and the Gabelli School of Business. While a few FCLC courses are in the 140 Building (less than ten total), most classrooms in the building are reserved for Gabelli classes.

Non-Gabelli students such as myself enjoy roaming the halls of 140,
peeking into technologically advanced classrooms, daydreaming about the Don Drapers in the conference rooms. The garden level provides an excellent study space as well. Students can grab a iced teapuccino and quinoa salad on their study breaks and enjoy the company of the friendly women working at Argo Tea who always have a kind word to share.

Of course, Gabelli students know that there is more to the 140 Building than many students realize. There is a state of the art trading room on the first floor that gives students a chance to test their skills in analyzing financial instruments and to study capital markets with the same technology used by the top firms on Wall Street. The room is visually astounding, even to those of us who may not fully understand the meanings behind the numbers and letters scrolling across the stock ticker.

The classrooms are not only more open, but they are distinguishable by Smart Board technology. Smart Boards are a sophisticated interactive tool for students and professors alike. Smart Boards incorporate multitude media forms in the learning experience without sacrificing a classic space for professors to write notes and illustrate figures which aid better comprehension of difficult concepts.

It seems that giving the Gabelli School of Business a home of its own has created an exceptional business atmosphere that encourages learning as well as networking, and non-Gabelli students are excited to watch it all unfold!

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